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Thu, 12/23/2021 - 06:22

Stackwood is a creative venue and concept store housed in a former diesel workshop in Fremantle.
The Stackwood community encompasses maker’s studios, a plant shop and cafe.

Supporting Makers

Makers and creative businesses are an essential part of the Stackwood community. The studios are the beating heart of the warehouse. Stackwood currently has four creative businesses in residence at who write, photograph, shape, create and make on the daily.

Staying Local

Buy well and buy once. This often goes hand-in-hand with using local producers, makers and service providers, who make quality products. In this way Stackwood promotes breaking ties with fast fashion and embracing a slower, more sustainable way of being.

Learning and Growing

Learning new skills is an important part of what drives us. Whether it be plant-care knowledge passed on by nursery experts or face-to-face classes with local artists, Learning to make or do something slows us down, encourages presence in the moment and cultivates a more mindful way of living.

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