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Oakberry Acai Bowls

There is acai and there is Oakberry. A million of different choices for your açaí bowl with thirty different toppings.

OAKBERRY AÇAÍ BOWL was created to satisfy unmet demand in the food market: healthy fast-food. Not everyone has time to eat in a way that’s both healthy and energetic.

Their mission is to deliver a tasty, natural, and nutritious experience, fast. They want to change the way fast-food is perceived. Time and good health are important factors for quality of life. This is the reason for Oakberry's existence.

OAKBERRY’s açaí is 100% natural. Their recipe contains no food coloring, artificial preservatives or guarana syrup. OAKBERRY’s production process seeks to preserve as much as possible all the benefits of the açaí berry.

Male and female customer ordering from a friendly man behind the counter in backwards cap

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