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Australia’s first-ever dedicated fried ice cream shop serves up their signature scoops in a number of dreamy flavours, with more toppings than you could wave a waffle cone at! If you like your sweet treats with a twist, this is the place for you

FRY’D was first created over 10 years ago at the back of a Chinese restaurant, with many mock trials and a dream. From a food stall, to a food truck, now FRY'd is opening bricks and mortar stores. 

At FRY’D HQ they have continuously strived for new and improved ways to make the “perfect ball”. A hot crispy outer shell encased with premium italian gelato for a creamy centre making it the perfect balance of hot and cold dessert. It really is a gastronomic experience not to be missed!

They have even created the first ever gluten free vegan FRY’D ice cream. FRY'D caters for all dietary requirements.


-32.054927159944, 115.74890305

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