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Penny Lane's Music Workshop

Wed, 02/23/2022 - 08:56
We’re a vibrant community music school located in the heart of Fremantle's industrial arts quarter that truly embodies the unique colourful, cultural feel of the Port City. 

Founded by Richard Lane, Penny Lane's offer it's students an inspirational musical journey with a focus on learning to play music with others and relaxed, enjoyable performance opportunities.

They have created an engaging learning space and a fun-filled and enriching curriculum, based on their very clear understanding that children (and adults) learn best when they are having fun! This philosophy is at the heart of the school and everything they do.

Jamming is an integral element of the Penny Lane curriculum and students are given the opportunity to play with others whether they have private or group lessons. 

Their students also enjoy regular performance opportunities at  intentionally low-pressure comfy concerts, where they experience a warm and friendly sense of community.

See website for booking details. 

Drop in classes for 0-4yo. Baba Lala musical rhyme time is Wednesday and Friday at 9am ( casual rate $20 & $10 for siblings)

-32.052891959944, 115.762577