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Megan Salmon

The Megan Salmon flagship store is situated in the East End of Fremantle. They create clothes that make all women feel empowered, current and beautiful in every way. Garments are all designed by Megan who has been designing clothes since 2000 in her Fremantle (WA) studio with great attention to fit, cut, fabric and print.

Megan has a fine art background and approaches fashion in the same way as producing art, creating fashion and textile designs that fill her world and ours with beauty and meaning.

Our customer is the woman who wants her clothing to inspire, empower and serve her in the best possible way. She appreciates the thoughtful choices Megan makes. Our clothes fit well, are shaped for our bodies and always look beautiful.

Enter the world of Megan Salmon to discover the pleasure that well designed clothes can give you.

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