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Fremantle Hemp Company

Discover eco-friendly hemp goods at Fremantle Hemp Co., from hemp clothing to hemp bags, and various hemp fashion accessories in one shop!

Explore the world of sustainable fashion with Fremantle Hemp Co, a venture by Lucky Elephant Enterprise.

Their collection, proudly crafted in Nepal, features an array of eco-friendly products. From comfortable hemp clothing to versatile hemp bags, including hemp shoulder bags and hemp backpacks, they've got you covered. Elevate your style with hemp wallets, hemp pouches, and trendy waist hemp bum bags. Don't forget to complete your look with our fashionable hemp hats, hemp belts, hemp shoes, and sandals. Plus, discover a wide range of accessories to complement your eco-conscious lifestyle.

Experience the craftsmanship of the hemp industry exclusively at Fremantle Markets, brought to you by The Fremantle Hemp Company.

Join us in embracing sustainable and stylish choices today!

-32.0559916, 115.7494355

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