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Halka B. Organics

Halka B. Organics was initiated in 2011 and grew into a small business that not only incorporates products for skin care but also for internal health, general well-being and the scented home. Today, the Halka B. shop in Fremantle offers many alchemy and artisan products for educated people who have an ethical passion for life. 

Halka B Organics use only 100% pure active nutrients for your skin and well-being sourced ethically and sustainably from organic and small high energy farming communities around the world to offer you the richest nutrients and antioxidants for your skin and your health They are guided by a business philosophy they call SOETE - {sustainable farming practices}, {alive, organic or wild-crafted 100% active ingredients}, {ethical trading}, {transparent business practices} and {empowering you, humanity, the earth and animal kingdom}.  

Products are uniquely designed to superfeed your skin naturally. Ingredients have been carefully sourced and are utilised in its most raw and unprocessed states to maintain maximum nutrition and benefits for your skin. They are water-free, chemical-free & palmoil-free. 

Products are raw, vegan, cold-pressed, organic where ever possible and free of water, any GMOs and potentially harmful additives, fillers, fragrances, deodorizers and colours. 

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