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Bukeshla, a studio boutique on Wray Avenue is a label featuring the work of textile artist and designer Trish Bygott. Bukeshla emerged in 2009, out of a slow-making practice within their studio boutique on Wray Avenue in Fremantle.

Makers and artists Trish and Nathan have channelled their passion into their simple classic easy to wear garments, with emphasis on hand-stitched detailing to ensure that heart enters each piece and offering.

Their iconic shop front is as much about experiencing pure beauty and delight, as it is about the exchange between maker and client..

A small production house, with made-to-order options on the premises, their wears are trans-seasonal and locally made with many clients choosing from fabric and stitch treatment options for a uniquely individual, nurturing experience. To extend the experience, workshops are offered upstairs in our stitch salon in celebration of hand stitch. 


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