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Ronnie Nights

Ronnie Nights is difficult to categorise, which is part of its charm. It's part dive bar, part hippy hangout, part pub for real people. This small bar/ live music venue in Fremantle with a penchant for delicious food, jazz, good liquor, craft beer, local wine, disco & dancing.

It's a mixed bag of a venue right on Freo's Cappuccino Strip. Find yourself listening to live music or a DJ set, sipping on good liquor, craft beer, local wine and great food. 

Psychedelic groove, jazz in the window or a whiskey bar open from 7 pm every Friday and Saturday. It's the bar that blends Fremantle's heritage fabric with playful colours as you step inside to a very 70's vibe. 

-32.054981209944, 115.7465243

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