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The World of 70%

03 April 2023
Allow your imagination to be captured and feel drawn into the world of 70% with this stunning photography and videography art exhibition

This collection by Michael Haluwana features dream-worthy photography and videography of the oceans, seascapes and marine life of Western Australia and beyond, encouraging you to immerse yourself in wonder at broader perceptions of how we see and understand ourselves within a world covered by 70% water.

The world’s oceans feed us, regulate our climate, and generate the oxygen we breathe. Yet, we still only know a fraction of the marine species in our oceans. How amazing would it be to discover more.

Connect with Michael through this exhibition, his website and social media, and follow his journey as he explores and documents this wondrous world further through his creative lens.

Michael is an internationally recognised and award-winning professional cinematographer, photographer and videographer specialising in aerial photography and video, documentaries, drone photography and video, landscape video and photography, night sky and wildlife cinematography.

Exhibition open from 13 May to 15 October.

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