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Street Gallery Fremantle Project

29 November 2021

The Street Gallery Fremantle Project is an ongoing exhibition series that sees shopfronts converted to beautiful galleries. Artsource, a WA arts network and membership organisation, and the City of Fremantle have partnered to create attractive spaces showcasing Fremantle's local creatives.

The street gallery (SG) series is located in unoccupied store fronts in Fremantle's downtown with locations changing regularly.

Current exhibiting artists  include Bori Benko, Sheree Dornan, Jo Darvall, Kevin Richardson, Penny Bovell and Gabby Howlett, Dr Audrey Fernandez-Satar and Arif Satar. 

Past exhibitors: Banyji Cheedy and Mary Watson, represented by Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation; Ian de Souza, Jo Gray, Michael Knight, Alessandra Rossi, Carissa Wu, Libby Peacock, Greg Barr and Anne Marie McCaughey. 

Street Gallery 1 (SG#1) | Civic Building, ground floor William Street corner

Featured artist: Jo Darvall 

  • Title: Palladian Dawn 2020,
  • Medium: oil and pastel on wood, 110 cm diameter
  • Price: $5,500
  • Web:

"Art helps us to make sense of the world” 

Palladian Dawn a dystopian Landscape created on the eve of the Pandemic. A world event the virus sweeps through the world, all of us are ordered - encouraged, seeking refuge in our homes… we are gripped in a timeless moment and before our eyes everything is shut down. … panic buying… fear spreads like indigo ink unfolds on sodden wet paper.

Accompanying soundrack: Sunday club - Palladian Dawn 

Featured artists: Kevin Richardson

  • Title:  Fierce Elegance
  • Medium: Jarrah Burl with black India ink
  • Size: H27cm x W10cm
  • Price: $1200

A furniture maker by trade with a strong interest in artistic woodturning, Kevin Richardson started woodturning in his final year of high school and instantly knew it would become a passion. He studied a Bachelor of Science, Furniture and Wood Technology at GMIT Letterfrack and completed his final year of work placement in North Caroline USA. He resides permanently in Western Australia.

Raw materials are sourced locally from Arbourists and timber machinists, local farmers and neighbours. The repurposed trees and wood have a second chance at live in Kevin's hands. Having respect and reverence for the raw materials used gives Kevin a greater understanding and connection to the lands from which they are salvaged.

Street Gallery 2 (SG#2) | Civic Building, William Street corner

Featured artist: Bori Benkő

  • Title: Mountain ( 'Linescapes' series)
  • Medium: Watercolors made by Bori using plants, minerals, and earth pigments. Printed on Somerset 300gsm archival fine art paper, edition number: 10/40 Year printed: 2021
  • Size: 80cm x 110cm
  • Price: unframed: $750,  with frame: $1,050

Bori started her training in fine arts at the age of 13, eventually graduating with a Masters Degree at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.In her 30 years of art practice Bori has explored many art forms — printing and painting technics, photography and film. She has created kinetic installations, site-specific artworks, and public art, exhibiting her works widely around Europe, South America and Asia. During the past decade, Bori has spent several years researching natural dying techniques in Indonesia, developing her own dyes and paints from plant and mineral extracts. Across the wide span of practice and media, Bori's art has always been an instrument of introspection and creative transformation. Examining experiences of transgenerational trauma and resolution her world is one of contemplation on the correlations between the self, art and nature.

Linescapes. In the large format watercolor series, Linescapes, Bori investigates different perspectives and focal points of an internal / external landscape. The images disintegrate and coalesce depending upon one’s viewing angle and distance from the image — a physical, mental and emotional exercise of angling. Bori uses continuous and interrupted horizontal lines in the manner of Nineteenth Century steel engravings. She transmutes the rigid and forceful lines of this method with calligraphic strokes that reveal integrity, harmony, and rhythm. This creative process is a form of mindfulness practice that seeks to transform deeply engrained transgenerational inheritances into a calm, light-filled space of resolution. Linescapes sees Bori continue her quest to reshape perceived realities through creative practice — producing compelling expressions from detached faraway views, through to dramatic close ups, and serene side sites, with powerful color strokes evoking underlying emotions. The earthy colors of the series originate from watercolors made by Bori using plants, minerals, and earth pigments.

Street Gallery 3 (SG#3) | 6 William Street 

Featured artist: Helen Majewski

  • Title: Untitled (detail) 2021
  • Medium: Charcoal and coloured pencil on Fabriano paper
  • Size: 140 x 145 cm
  • Price: $550 inc gst
  • Instagram@hcmajewski

Helen Majewski is an emerging painter. She primarily works in oils and watercolour. 

This work was created at the Drawing Marathon held at Artsource over three days in October 2021. While Helen usually confines herself to paint, even for drawing, this workshop opened her eyes to the possibilities of charcoal.

Street Gallery 4 (SG#4) | 6 William Street

Feature artistDebra Ann Perkins

  • Title: Noise Reduction #7
  • Title: Noise Reduction #2
  • Medium: Monotype, Screen Print, Chine Colle, Collage Somerset Satin 300gsm Rice paper  
  • Size: 84 x 54 cm each
  • Price: $1900 each (unframed) 

"I am interested in contemporary visual culture and how we understand images. Photographic representations of faces surround us in our daily lives, we are drawn to them. They are not real, yet we can recognise humanness and connect at a deeper level, beyond thought.     

My work explores this connection through our interaction with digital technology and the blurring of boundaries between human and machine. This research is an ongoing part of my Honours project." Debra Perkins

Noise Reduction Series

"This series of work continues an exploration of the mechanically and digitally reproducible image within popular culture. This work is part of my Honours project. Printmaking processes complicate contemporary understanding of the image as a unique art form. Mechanical reproducibility of images within popular culture and mass media, challenges what is considered an original and what is a copy. By recognising the materiality of the mechanical marks that distinguish the processes, makes each copy singular to itself. My work engages with the unique aura given to original artworks by Walter Benjamin when compared to its copies.

I am interested in the aesthetic value of these process marks, and exploiting them as part of the work, connecting the viewer with the social and tribal use of these images that allow a democracy in their ability to be open to change of author and narrative." Debra Perkins

Street Gallery 5 (SG#5) | 197 High Street

Feature artist:  Sheree Dornan

  • Title: Djilba on the Hill
  • Medium: Mixed Media on Belgian linen
  • Size: 61cm x 91cm
  • Price: $3,400                   

Words by Dr. Kelsey Ashe Giambazi BA (Hons) MA (Art) PhD (Art)

“Sheree Dornan is an established multi-discipline artist who works across and between fields of painting, textile, installation and garment.  Favouring a harmonious colour and a light filled semi-abstract aesthetic, Dornan’s works are layered considerations in texture and tonal softness, punctuated by assured marks of greater contrast that allude to the motifs of landscape or the spaces found in nature.   Often accented in gold, Dornan’s signature style exudes a light touch that is serene and composed due to the considered palette and rich tactility of crumpled forms and draping folds, whether in garment, installation or painting.

The works are driven by a studio practice that gently explores the natural world via meanderings, collecting in nature and musing upon our connections to place, both near and far.”

Street Gallery 6 (SG#6) | 197 High Street

Feature artists: Penny Bovell and Gabby Howlett

  • Title: Star, Circle, Ice cream and Repeat
  • Medium: Digitally printed silk fabric and acoustic panels
  • Size: Patterns taken from original terrazzo floor tiles 20 x 20cm
  • Price: Installation only

Star, Circle Icecream and Repeat was a floor game designed for the Underneath/Overlooked * exhibition held at the Moore’s Building (Fremantle Festival 2021).  The exhibition celebrated the contribution of the terrazzo floor tiles made by Guiseppe and Anna Scolaro in their factory at Lot 9 Blinco Street (1952-1973).  Their work has become part of the exquisite and unique design heritage of Fremantle and informed the patterns on the sound walls of the recently completed Stirling Highway / Fremantle interchange.

Penny Bovell and Gabby Howlett Underneath/overlooked 2021*
This work celebrates the special terrazzo floor tiles made by Giuseppe and Anna Scolaro in their factory at Lot 9 Blinco Street (1952-1973). Their work has  become part of Freo’s design heritage with many floors still in mid-century houses in the Fremantle area and its surrounding suburbs. Penny Bovell and Gabby Howlett began this project by searching for the whereabouts of the remaining houses and civic buildings that still contained the Terrazzo tiles and found 120 properties.  During the exhibition people from the suburbs beyond Fremantle shared stories of their floors and expanded the database. The Museum of Perth has provided a website for the public to post their own stories and photos of the tiles.

Street Gallery 7 (SG#7) | 197 High Street 

Feature artist: Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar

  • Title: The Last Sky
  • Size: 78 x 52cm
  • Medium: Ink and pen on hahnemuhle paper 
  • Price: $750 each, unframed

Feature artist: Arif Satar

  • Title: Nests
  • Size: various
  • Medium: Found fibres, card and senniler ink
  • Price: $750 for the set sculptures 

The Last Sky  … is a series of works on paper by artist Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar first presented for the inaugural Art Meets Science Artist in Residence at Murdoch University and the School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences.  Designed to encourage creative synergy between the artist and the staff and students at Murdoch School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, this program had collaborative interaction and engagement as a core component in order to encourage the artist, staff and students alike to explore cross-disciplinary interactions, seek new perspectives, and inspire new ways of thinking. 
A new iteration of The Last Sky … was a collaborative project with artist Arif Satar, with the addition of “bird nests” created with found nets and fibre materials.  This project was presented at the Moores Contemporary Gallery in Fremantle 

Artsource is Western Australia’s leading visual arts network and membership organisation for artists, championing Western Australia’s visual arts community through professional resources for artists, advocacy, facilities, studios, tailored insurance, and a host of other services. 

Jo Darvall Paladin Dawn _High Res_Miles Noel Photography
Jo Darvall, Paladin Dawn
portrait of face with bright colours and dark inky smudges
The Last Sky
The Last Sky detail
Sheree Dornan, Djilba on the Hill
Sheree Dornan, Djilba on the Hill
Anne McCaughey, Not Fade Away
Anne McCaughey, Not Fade Away

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