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Discover the Dinosaurs of the Deep & Learn the Language of the Whales Welcome aboard Whale Watch Western Australia, the only dedicated whale watching operator sighting whales all year round! Join Our Pod and Learn the Language of the Whales via our live onboard expert commentary as we discover...

Epic Humpback Migration The world's largest Humpback migration takes in a 13,000km, six month round trip from Antarctica to Camden Sound in the remote Kimberly region to give birth to the next generation of Humpbacks each year. This incredible journey is made without food or nourishment for the adult Humpbacks. Females calve and nurture their newborn on the return trip to Antarctica, an astonishing accomplishment! Witness the intense competition pods as they move northward and discover the intimate newborn calves on the southern return migration.

Southern Right Migration Southern Australia’s coastal pavement plays host each year to the unique Southern Right Whale as they calve in the shallow clear waters of the coastal fringe. Weighing in at 80 tons and a length of up to 18 meters they have a fondness for interaction with humans and tragically this is how they coined their name as they were the right whale to hunt. Whale Watch Western Australia is committed to the latest research developments and provide data to the university's and researchers who study and protect these magnificent whales.

Perth Canyon Blue Whale Expeditions This new frontier eco hotspot off the Perth, Western Australian coastline is the feeding grounds for the largest aggregation of Blue Whales in the southern hemisphere. A little known pristine environment with gargantuan dimensions larger than the Grand Canyon with origins dating back to the entrance of the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.

Bremer Canyon Orca Experience The Bremer Canyon is the summer feeding grounds for these apex Dinosaurs of the Deep. This is your opportunity to be a part of a new frontier of research and development with Whale Watch Western Australia. Discovered by marine researchers just decade ago the Bremer Canyon plays host to the largest congregation of Orca’s in the Southern Hemisphere. Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, Dolphins, Sunfish, Migratory Seabirds and much more feed on this yearly biomass bonanza!

Why Choose Us? • Superior personal service - WA family owned & operated • Largest & most luxurious, specifically designed Whale Watch vessel in WA • No crowding is guaranteed • 100% Whale sighting guaranteed • A complimentary glass of beer or wine, tea, coffee, biscuits, filtered water • Supporting local communities, charity & research • Dedicated 12 months of the year Whale Watch research • Free photo's & postcard of your experience • Child friendly, colouring in pages & toy box's onboard • Pod membership discounts for returning guests • Onboard warm blankets for your comfort

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JAN - MARCH Bremer Canyon Orca Experience MARCH - MAY Perth Canyon Blue Whale Expedition MAY - AUGUST Epic Humpback Migration (Northern) Southern Right Migration Augusta Boat Harbour SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER Epic Humpback Migration (Southern) Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour Port Geographe Marina, Busselton

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To cancel or change a booking notification must be given to our office on 1300 388 893 or by email at least 24 hours prior to the cruise departure.If notification is not received you will be charged the full ticket amount.A full refund will be given if the cruise is cancelled for safety issues due to unfavorable weather or if minimum numbers are not met.Please call on the morning of tour to verify weather conditions and booking.