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Aussie Cruises

Tue, 10/05/2021 - 05:16

Aussie Cruises is an owner operator charter who offer cruises that give visitors the opportunity to experience Perth the way locals do from a half day fishing with the kids or a weekend at Rottnest. 

Carnac Island Cruise-swim with the sealions: Carnac Island is a summer resting place for Australian Sea Lions. These inquisitive mammals use their flippers to propel themselves through the water and will often swim with you and imitate your actions. Guests often describe this as ‘the best experience we’ve ever had’.

Rottnest Snorkelling Cruise-diverse underwater playground: Where the cold Southern Ocean meets the warm Leeuwin current, Rottnest Island has 20 species of coral and 135 of the 400 fish species that inhabit the waters are tropical. 

4-10 hour tailored individual cruises: Aussie Cruises will tailor a cruise package specifically for you, from a leisurely evening Swan River cruise to a full on adventure cruise that can include landing on Rottnest Island, snorkelling, and swimming with the Sea Lions.

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