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Angels House

Located in an 1880 heritage building on Essex Street the Angel’s House provides the experience to enrich your tastebuds and travel into French culinary history.

Angel's House is the Pearl Bali's little brother. Anthony and Jeremy worked together in managing the hotel and restaurant of the Pearl Bali. This dynamic duo brought a breath of fresh air into the Bali Hotel Pearl and Pearl Restaurant for a few years. 

After Anthony experienced Australia, he convinced his brother to come and have a look. Both fell in love with Fremantle, which reminds them of the little French village where they grew-up. So they decided to bring their knowledge from the Pearl to Angel's House.

The Angel’s House is a traditional French Bistro offering a prestigious selection of wines from across Australia and France.

They provide you with an excellent selection of Australian and French wines, carefully selected by a team of experts. Each wine has been chosen to pair with the dishes on the menu to give you an excellent culinary experience.

Angel’s House Fremantle sources locally grown fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood along with foraged flavours from around the world.

Seasonal produce allows the transformation of menu offerings, meaning the restaurant will offer an array of tasteful journeys throughout the year.

Bon Appétit

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