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Smooth Ceramics

Natural Skincare Balms in Ceramics. Refill, Repurpose. Made to inspire mindful moments.

Smooth Ceramics happens to exist out from a profound desire of expression interlaced within a great coincidence and a quest for healthy happy smiles!

Since arriving to Perth WA Australia I have been happily enjoying creating ceramic pieces. It was all a great big coincidence. For years I had a project in my mind... I had sculptures to do!! And so I did them, and then I fell in Love and couldn't stop!

Today, Smooth Ceramics offers you a range of natural skincare balms locally handcrafted into unique ceramic pots, a small selection of poetic ceramic tableware and jewellery.

Strongly inspired by nature and the organic form, each piece in my collection is a personal interpretation of elegance intertwist with the beauty of imperfection.

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