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WestCoast Jet

Tue, 10/05/2021 - 03:18

 At 12 meters, the ‘Okiedokie’ is one of the largest and most powerful vessels of its type in Australia. Performing open ocean high-speed manoeuvres (sea conditions permitting) our professionally accredited skippers will thrill you in safety & style. 

Experience the twin 440hp turbo charged diesel engines coupled to the indestructible Hamilton Jet. Have some spine-tingling adrenaline fun during the Fremantle Jet Boat Thrill Ride.

After a comprehensive safety briefing and gear up, your skipper will power up the twin 440hp turbo charged diesel engine and flick on some tunes in preparation for the wild ride. 

Before you know it, you'll be blasting off into the open seas, holding on tight as you experience a generous combo of high-speed manoeuvres like fish tails, slide-outs, peach power stops, wave surfing and 270-degree spins.

'Wetta is betta', that’s our motto and we’ll go out of our way to give you an unforgettable jet boating experience in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Fremantle, Western Australia.

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