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THIS IS FREMANTLE meets the conditions set by the Department of Racing, Gaming in Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987 (Section 102) - How to conduct a trade promotion lottery - general conditions.

Current competitions 

Freo Foodie - terms and conditions

THIS IS FREMANTLE is delighted to announce that the first two winners of the #freofoodie competition are Jake Missey and Adam Meyers. 

Recent competitions  

Winterworld Fremantle - terms and conditions

Winners of the family passes to Winterworld were Sharon Lee Mercovich, Kristen Watson, Jim Gow, Cherina Lopresti, Claire O'Loughlin, Alanah Ashfield, George Pisani, Claudette Reynolds, Carol van de Weerd, Richard Hammond, Trish Owen, Anjea Travers, Alena Gault, Kylie Lamb, Jodi Robinson, Rose Brown, Monique ONeill, Matt Taylor, Tani Reith, Karen Shoebridge, Hannah Freya, Terri Lambin, Michelle Kennedy, Jennie Churchill and Louise Rhodes.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre - terms and conditions

Winners of the school holiday competition giveaway of family passes to the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre production of Fox were Mark Daley, Jacky Hubbard, Jodie Poole, Emma Toohey and Gia Young. 

Luna on SX - terms and conditions

The winners of the double passes to the Scandinavian Film Festival thanks to Luna on SX are Rachel Davison, Pam Nairn, Leah Campana, Aisha Ismailjee, Tess Weir, Danielle Winzenried, Sasha Poli, Sabina Prusa, Andrew White and Jeanette Fay.