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The Chats

27 May 2022
Hands down the world’s greatest post-millennial punk-rock group, The Chats have skipped past the unimaginable banana skin of COVID-19 to emerge tougher, faster, funnier, and more riotous and armed with a brand new album, GET F**KED!

The first taste from the album came back in March with STRUCK BY LIGHTNING, a fast, furious, 100-second blitz from punk heaven which perfectly introduced the bands shredding new guitarist, Josh Hardy.

And now, the second slice from the album, 6L GTR, a swinging takedown of a speed-crazed status-symbol driver with an incredible animated music video to boot!

After finally conquering stages across the UK and the USA, the boys return to home soil to play some of their biggest gigs yet!

-32.0559895, 115.7483553