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07 December 2021

Welcome! You’ve just discovered the #freofinds project, a joint project between the City of Fremantle and the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce.

#freofinds is a series of window vignettes placed in shopfront windows and interesting spaces around our beautiful seaside city.

Some windows will help you find your way around the streets of Fremantle while others will visualize a new business, others will be creative responses to Fremantle by local artists.

They will all challenge our perceptions of Fremantle, what is old, what’s new and how we navigate our way through and around WA’s favourite old port town during the most significant transformation of our generation.

#freofinds is a  trail that will take you into interesting corners of our city that you can explore and witness as we all experience the changes taking place in Fremantle.

Artworks can be found at the locations below: 

#freofinds 1

  • Address: Fishing Boat Harbour – 42 Mews Road, Fremantle
  • Image: Lobster
  • Sponsored by: Western Rock Lobster, Little Creatures, City of Fremantle, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, Barrett Exhibition Group
  • Artwork and installation by: Barrett Exhibition Group

#freofinds 2 (no longer installed) 

  • Address: 29 Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle
  • Image: Seagulls 
  • Sponsored by: Acton Real Estate Agents
  • Printed and installed by: Barrett Exhibition Group
  • Photographer credit: @flotsamandjetsam6162 (Instagram)

#freofinds 3

  • Address: 69 High Street, Fremantle
  • Image: Gallery with sculpture

#freofinds 4 (no longer installed due to new lease opportunity)

  • Address: 6 South Terrace, Fremantle
  • Image: Cafe interior 
  • Leasing Agent: FPS Commercial Property | Craig White – 0417 924 444
  • Sponsored by: Roncio Nominees Pty Ltd
  • Printed and installed by: Barrett Exhibition Group

#freofinds 5 (no longer installed due to new lease opportunity

  • Address: 87 High Street, Fremantle 
  • Image: Fremantle Ports 

#freofinds 6        

  • Address: South Terrace, Fremantle
  • Image: Fremantle Markets
Lobster artwork installation on the roof of a building at Fishing Boat Harbour. Scultpure of fisherman in the foreground.
#freofinds 1
Artwork to look like a gallery with sculpture in a museum on a marble stand with gold framed prints in the background
#freofinds 3
Artwork installed in a shop front outside the Fremantle Markets. Woman holding a plate of food.
#freofinds 6
Photo of the WA Maritime Museum and Fremantle Port as a window installation on High Street
#freofinds 5
Illustration of a cafe interior with benches, tables and chairs and white hanging light fittings
#freofinds 4