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Fremantle walking trails

Convict Trail

Many of Fremantle's most iconic buildings were constructed utilising convict labour in the late 20th century. This trail highlights some of those key landmarks and architecture.
CY O'Connor Trail

Pioneer and civil engineer, CY O'Connor is a legendary figure in Fremantle's history. This trail gives visitors a snapshot of some of the famous landmarks throughout Fremantle including the memorial statue outside the port authority building.

Discovery Trail
 Discovery Trail

A great way to discover the wonderful port city of Fremantle, the Discovery Trail takes visitors on a loop that encompasses Victoria Quay, the famous Cappuccino Strip, Esplanade Park and Fishing Boat Harbour.

Fishing Boat Harbour logo

 Fishing Boat Harbour Trail

Experience the working life and maritime history of Fremantle’s waterfront from the building of the replica Endeavour and Duyfken to America’s Cup Defence.

Hotels & Breweries Walk
 Hotels & Breweries Walk

The award winning Hotels and Breweries Walk is concentrated in the historic west end of Fremantle, beginning at the Orient Hotel in High Street and ending at Little Creatures at Fishing Boat Harbour.

Manjaree Heritage Trail logo
 Manjaree Heritage Trail

This trail offers an insight into the remarkable indigenous stories and history of the Fremantle area or Manjaree as it is known by the Aboriginal people. 

Maritime Heritage Trail logo
 Maritime Heritage Trail

Sculptures, totems and markers are a highlight of this trail that is concentrated around the Arthur Head and Victoria Quay precincts in the historic West End of Fremantle.

Waterfront Heritage Trail logo
Waterfront Trail 

This unique and diverse trail for pedestrians, joggers and cyclists follows the Fremantle waterfront from the Swan River in East Fremantle thorough to South Beach and onto the Cockburn coast.

Writers Walk logo
 Writers Walk

The Writers Walk consists of a series of five art installations along High Street, between Pakenham and Cliff Streets, that celebrate past and present local writers.

 74f207603b94798d512b9bd8126f9efa_XL.jpg  Fremantle Urban Art Walk Map

Local, interstate and international artists gathered in Perth in April 2015 to transform a cluster of distinctive neighbourhoods with colourful urban artwork.

Fremantle Cemetery Heritage Walk Trail One

 Fremantle Cemetery Heritage Walk Trail One

Filled with rich history and fascinating stories, Fremantle Cemetery is filled with some of Western Australia's earliest gravestones and is the final resting place for many who have helped shape our port city and beyond.
Freopedia Image

 Freopedia Heritage Tour 

Freopedia lets you explore Fremantle at your leisure accessing the stories behind what made Fremantle what it is today.
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