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Marketing opportunities

Fremantle Visitor Centre. Photo Hazel Buckley Click on thumbnail to view image gallery

Fremantle is the most visited place in Western Australia. 

With over 100,000 visitors walking through the doors and that number again using the website to research and plan a visit to Fremantle and Western Australia, Fremantle Visitor Centre in Kings Square is one of the busiest visitor centres in Western Australia.

Many thousands of Western Australian, interstate and international visitors utilise the services of the centre including talking with our experienced staff and volunteer guides to plan their visit and seek advice on things to don Fremantle. They also use the centre as a source of information to plan and book trips to other regions.

There are several opportunities for Western Australian tourism operators to sell and promote their product directly to visitors through the Fremantle Visitor Centre and there is no membership fee to advertise or list product. Operators and businesses are able to select the option that best suits their business.

Download a copy of the Fremantle Visitor Centre Advertising Prospectus 2016/17.

If you team up with other local operators and have a package in mind that could be sold through the centre please contact our Visitor Services Coordinator. Packages will be promoted on our website, window display signage and through our social media pages. 

Participating in seasonal campaigns and promotions are another way to increase sale of your product through the centre. Check the prospectus for details and content dates. You can be involved in these campaigns by providing a special offer or last minute deal on Bookeasy and advising the Visitor Services Coordinator so that we can include you in a campaign website page with a direct link through to your Bookeasy booking page. 

Cruise ships visiting Fremantle

Fremantle Visitor Centre works closely with Fremantle Ports to provide the highest level of visitor servicing to international cruise passengers arriving in Fremantle. To read about the services that we provide visit our cruise ships to Fremantle page.

Businesses who would like to reach cruise ship passengers and crew can do so in the following ways:

  • advertise your business at the Fremantle Visitor Centre including brochure racking at Fremantle Passenger Terminal
  • offer a familiarisation to the Fremantle Tourist Guides to educate them on your product so that they can talk about your business  to cruise ship passengers
  • collaborate with other local operators/businesses to develop  a package that can be sold through Fremantle Visitor Centre
  • collaborate with other operators to develop a package that can be sold to cruise ships. Refer to Tourism Western Australia Cruise Shipping Handy Reference Guide.

For more information on advertising product through the centre and for regular updates on advertising opportunities email the team or phone 08 9432 9991.

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