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The City of Fremantle’s Visitor Centre is committed to ensuring that the information it provides to the community is accessible for people of all abilities.

To this effect the City has developed this website to meet WC3 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Following these guidelines improves access for all users of this site.

This website is powered by content management system Seamless.

Content contained in this website has been written in plain language so that it is easy to read and understand and has been designed and laid out for maximum contrast and readability.

Textural equivalents have been included for all images, hyperlinks to external sites, email addresses and tables. This helps all users find pages more quickly.

Style sheets have been used throughout this site to control font and layout of text.

This site is available in a text only version.

Documents on this website will be available in a range of formats including PDF, MS Word, MS Publisher.

All of the documents on this website are available in an alternative format by contacting Fremantle Visitor Centre via email or call 08 9431 7878.

Recent versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS contain many accessibility features that can assist computer users that are blind or vision impaired.

If you have any concerns about accessibility within this site please contact the Fremantle Visitor Centre via email or call 08 9431 7878.

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