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Safety at the beach

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The beach is a quintessential experience for visitors to Australia and Western Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. Visitors should have a basic level of swimming competency before entering the ocean and follow the safety tips below and on the Surf Lifesaving Australia Beachsafe website.

There are three main swimming beaches located in the Fremantle area:

  • Port and Leighton Beach is popular for swimming, walking and body surfing
  • Bather’s Beach in the centre of the City just below the Round House close to cafés and restaurants
  • South Beach is a little quieter with less surf, a large grassed area with BBQ facilities and café’s. This beach is popular with families. There is also a pontoon.

There are some basic precautions that visitors should be aware of when swimming at the beach to ensure you experience the delight of the Indian Ocean.

Whenever possible swim at a patrolled beach with lifesavers that can assist swimmers if they got into trouble and always swim between the red and yellow flags as they mark the safest areas to swim.

Tips to help swimmers stay safe at the beach include:

  • always swim under supervision, or with a friend
  • read and obey the signs
  • if swimmers are unsure of conditions, ask a lifesaver
  • don't swim directly after a meal
  • don't swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • don't run and dive in the water
  • conditions change regularly; check before you enter the water
  • if swimmers get into trouble in the water, don't panic - signal for help, float and wait for assistance
  • float with a rip current or undertow, do not swim against it.

For more information on safety at the beach, including a series of multilingual videos, visit Surf Lifesaving Australia Beachsafe website or download the free app for iOS and Android devices from iTunes.


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