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Road safety

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Western Australia is the biggest state in Australia with a large network of freeways, highways and sealed and unsealed roads and tracks.

Drivers in WA drive on the left side of the road and observe the same driving laws and regulations as all other Australian states.

The unfamiliar conditions can make visitors to our state more vulnerable than locals on our roads particularly when travelling long distances. Before setting off on any trip, drivers should familiarise themselves with the conditions, road rules and guidelines.

Drivers should plan their trip in advance and make sure they:

  • get a good night's sleep before departing
  • stay somewhere overnight if on a long journey
  • share the driving if they can
  • plan to travel for no longer than eight or ten hours a day
  • take a twenty minute power nap when drowsy
  • stop at a roadhouse for a coffee break and stretch
  • don't drive during hours when they are normally asleep.

For further information on road safety visit the Road Safety Commission website.

For information about roads and projects in Western Australia visit the Main Roads website or for up to the minute information follow Main Roads WA on Twitter.

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